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Submitted by HS on Fri, 2007-02-23 14:27.

PunchLight support page

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Compatibility notice:

PunchLight MIDI, PunchLight Solo, PunchLight DLi, Recording Lamp USB, Relay SwitchBox USB and Studio Displays are not compatible with Command 8 !

Pro Tools SE and Pro Tools Express are not supported !

Light connector pin-out (4p4c/rj10):

      1. 12V DC
      2. Switched GND - Record (RED)
      3. GND
      4. Switched GND - PreRoll, RecordReady (YELLOW)

(jack on the box)

The cable for lights is straight 1:1 (pin 1 - pin 1, pin 2 - pin 2, pin 3 - pin 3, pin 4 - pin 4)
The max. output current is usually 200 mA.

Hardware configuration utility:

The latest PunchLight USB utility is available here.

An archived support page for legacy devices is available here.