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Submitted by HS on Fri, 2007-05-25 13:19.
Q: The last segment of my SMPTE Time Code Display is always blinking.
It is connected to MTC port on the SYNC I/O.

A: MTC is normally output whenever LTC is output.
Whenever LTC output stops, the SYNC I/O will continue to output MTC in bursts of one frame every 200 milliseconds. This allows any connected IDI-reading device to be continuously updated as to the position of VITC or Bi-Phase (either of which might be operating at slow or still speeds). Thus, you can still use a connected MIDI device for Auto-Spotting from VITC or Bi-Phase. Optionally, this constant output can be set to mute when time code (LTC) is idle.

To mute idle-time MTC output:
From the front panel:
1 Press the Set, Up and Down switches to display Idle MTC (IdLE 7C).
2 Press Set to display the current state (On or Off).
3 Press Up or Down to toggle the Idle MTC setting.
4 Press Set.

From the SYNC I/O Setup software utility:
1 Launch the SYNC I/O Setup.
2 Deselect the Idle MTC Enabled option.

From SYNC I/O manual p. 53

Q: My TC Display is connected to a Digidesign SYNC I/O and it only works if Pro Tools is in Recording or Playback. I cannot see time code information if I just click and move the cursor to another position or during Scrubbing/Jog operations.

A: The SYNC I/O MTC output sends just time code information if Pro Tools is in Recording or Playback. There is no time code information during Srubbing/Jog operations.