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Submitted by PK on Thu, 2008-01-10 13:47.
Q: Should I choose the PunchLight GPI (GPI ThruBox) or the PunchLight MIDI (MIDI SwitcherBox)?

A: If you use Pro Tools and have the Sync HD (I/O) interface, the GPI is the better option:

  • Because the PunchLight MIDI is being configured as a MIDI controller in Pro Tools, it has to have several assigned tracks. It can cause some problems when used together with another MIDI controller. Command 8 users cannot use the PunchLight MIDI or MIDI SwitcherBox at all, because the Command 8 controller cannot be combined with any other MIDI controller.
  • You can be sure that any future Pro Tools version will work with the PunchLight GPI (GPI ThruBox) as long as the Sync I/O or its successor has a GPI port and will still be supported by Digidesign. Support for the MIDI version will be determined by the particular MIDI controllers Pro Tools support in the future.
  • You can spare one midi port.