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Submitted by HS on Tue, 2011-07-26 11:12.


Submitted by HS on Tue, 2011-07-26 11:14.
The PunchLight SOLO is a small aluminium light unit which automatically indicates Recording start/stop and record "ready". The unit is powered directly via USB. No PSU or Midi Interface is needed ! It is designed for anybody working in project, dubbing, or post production studios who needs visual confirmation of when a recording begins or ends. This simple, precise and easy to use device is perfect for musicians and sound engineers as well as film, TV and video editors.

This version is no more available.


Submitted by HS on Tue, 2011-07-26 11:14.

  • Automatically indicates recording and record ready/preroll
  • Connects directly to USB
  • No Midi Interface
  • No Power Supply
  • All electronics inside
  • Size - 93 x 24 mm (3,6" x 0,95")
  • Removable cable 5m (can be longer of USB extension cables are used)
  • Removable holder
  • Easy installation
  • Power consumption 200 mA
  • MAC or PC compatible
  • Supported applications: Pro Tools, Nuendo, Cubase, Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer, Sonar, Vegas Pro, Reaper, Reason, Studio One, Sadie 6


Submitted by HS on Tue, 2011-07-26 11:15.
Name Description Ver. Size Format Link
PunchLight SOLO Setup Instruction 53Kb PunchLight SOLO_web.pdf
PunchLight USB utility Hardware configuration utility
Java SE 6.0 (JRE 1.6.0) or newer
1.05.05 640KB MacOS X